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Please take a moment to read what people are saying about Millis Wonderland.

WOW.. What a wonderful thing you have done! I remember watching a show on HGTV about the gentleman from Conn. who set up his display each Christmas to honor his daughter.I also remember that he needed to sell his things and was hoping that someone who had the same caring ideas would get it all.Well, he must be truly honored by what takes place in Millis each Christmas season..Mr Meehan,and Family,You are amazing to do all this, and share it with all of us on your personal property.We thank you for a wonderful experience this evening, and will visit once more before Christmas.One regret;we no longer have young children to wow with all your genorosity.Also, a thank you to your neighbors for allowing us to visit.Thanks again,,John. Franklin MA Christmas 2005

Just--THANK YOU!  I'm not sure if we have been driving by all 7 years, but certainly since the days when traffic was light!  Our family looks forward to this each year now and our kids want to drive by for every holiday, just in case you put something up!  You are wonderful to open your home to all and bring so much joy to our area!  Sherborn MA

My kids went nuts when they saw all of the displays.  They kept yelling they were at the North Pole.  I am so thankful to Mr. Meehan that I will definitely be purchasing my next car at your dealerships.  Harrisville RI

Merry Christmas to the Meehan Family--My husband and I, along with friends drove by your wonderful display for the first time on Friday evening.  It is the most gorgeous display I've ever seen.  The sleigh at the entrance is incredible, I was in awe the entire ride through.  I cannot wait for my grandchildren to experience this beautiful fantasy you have created.
Thank You ever so much for sharing the magical part of Christmas with us.
We will return every year.
Thanks, Judy  Plainville MA

I just want to thank you very much for putting up all the Christmas lights and letting people drive through your property to enjoy them all.  My daughter, who is 6, is Autistic, and she had been looking forward to this since about September.  We went through only a few times last year because I learned about it late in the season but she couldn't wait until it opened this year.  Going to Millis Wonderland is the highlight of her day.  We have gone through every night since Thanksgiving (and plan to come every night that we can) and my daughter enjoys it so much that she wants to go through a second time every night.  I gladly do it for her because your display is so enjoyable.  Other people might be Bah Humbug about Christmas or wonder why you do this every year, but take it from me, I love Christmas and as a child, my mother used to go out driving with me and my brother to find Christmas lights.  It's nice that I can do the same thing with my child.  Yes, we may not go as far as my mom did or see as many houses lit up, but the you wouldn't believe the smile on my daughters face every time we show up at your home.  Seeing her smile like that really makes the holiday even more special to me.  So again, Thank you very much from a mom of an Autistic child that can't get enough of Christmas.  Medfield ma

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for the amazing holiday display at your home. This has been the 3rd year that I have made the trip to the Millis Wonderland and each year it seems to get better and better. It was truly magical this year! For the last two years, a friend of mine has come up with her two children from Middleboro and we take the tour together. Since I am still looking for my own Mr. Claus, I use friends children as my ploy to take advantage of still being a big kid myself! The first year I made the trip, my grandmother went along. This was her last Christmas, as she died the following May from breast cancer. As we drove through, she oohed and ahhed at all the displays and her blue eyes sparkled with the gleam of a young child. It was a perfect Christmas for her and her trip to wonderland just made it even that more special. At the age of 90, she proved to me that you are never too old to enjoy the luxuries that are usually reserved for children. So a huge thank you all of you who put your heart, soul and sweat into the set up of your displays turning the night into magic! 
p.s. Thank you to the gentleman who wished our car load a "Merry Christmas" upon leaving. It was such a nice personal touch and frankly, I'm tired of the P.C. "Happy Holidays" - but that's just me. Also, I noticed this year there was no one collecting for a donation. Trust me, I would be more than happy to make a donation to a worthy charity or cause ... or even your electric bill. After seeing what "professional businesses" in the area are charging for such an experience, asking someone to make a small donation seems more than resonable to me. Your family truly exudes the true mean of Christmas. I look forward to seeing you again next year.
Thank you again and God Bless. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Melissa (and friends & family)  Medfield MA

Thank you so much for putting up such a beautiful Christmas display for all of us to enjoy.  We took our 6-year old granddaughter to see your display on Saturday and she was amazed.  We were amazed on how organized and smooth everything went.  We have taken her to Bright Nights in Springfield, MA and a display in CT and both were nightmares of traffic and disorganization.  Yours was STRESS FREE!!!We are planning a return trip this season with our grown children and I have also recommended my boss to take her family.  She lives in Foxboro, MA.  Thanks again, it was definately worth the trip from East Providence, RI.
Carl, Maureen and Hailee 2006

I just want to say how wonderful it is to see/experience such an old-fashioned "just doing something nice for others" idea in action. You lift the spirits of so many and provide joy and happiness to so many.
I grew up in New York City and although we are Jewish we, along with so many New Yorkers, would make sure to go to Manhattan each December to look at all the holiday lights and decorations.
It is nice that you continue the tradition here in Massachusetts of everyone just enjoying something beautiful and joyful.
Thank you.  Dover Xmas 2006

What a glorious site(web and home) you have!!  We waited in a line of traffic for 1/2 an hour and boy it did not disappoint.  We listened to Christmas Carols on the radio and had a wonderful family evening!  Once we had passed the gate and we saw Santa and lights my 6 year old son exclaimed "Where is Jesus?" our amazement and delight there he was around the corner in one of the most beautiful Nativity displays I have ever seen.  Thank you so much for sharing your holiday joy with the public...we really appreciate it! Norwood 2006

Kudos to the Meehan family! What a wonderful thing you are doing for all the people in and around Millis. Your display is absolutely fantastic and such a joy to behold. You are very special people and deserve to know that you touch so many lives with your generosity.
Waltham Xmas2007

Thanks so much for giving this wonderful gift to the community. It has become part of our family tradition as well as for several folks in my church (Elmwood Chapel)
Merry Christmas!!! Wellesley Xmas 2007

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