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About Us

Millis Wonderland - Closed for the 2017 Christmas Season

At the close of the 2014 holiday season Mr. Meehan and his wife made the decision to give Millis Wonderland and all its assets (1,200 animations, 45 glass-encased floats, 100,000 lights, and all supporting equipment) to a suitable nonprofit who pledged to use the assets for the celebration of Christmas and the benefit of the community.  

Several qualified charitable organizations had expressed interest but as the process moved forward the Meehan’s had mixed feelings and realized that they would want to again in the near future host the Millis Wonderland and give back to the community through the charitable organizations it has helped.

All great traditions experience change but rest assured Millis Wonderland will continue in the future.   The Meehan family and friends who have maintained Millis Wonderland over the past 10 years feel a vast void, missing their labor of love that brought such joy to so many.  They recognize the number of people needing assistance is way too high, and the benefits to the community are way too important to not have it continue.  

As a result, Millis Wonderland is on hiatus. 

Please continue to check this website for updates. 

Picture this: You are driving down a secluded street in a small town. There is minor traffic, but that only means that you are that much closer to your destination. As you look out into the snow covered yards you see the neighborhood children standing at their handmade carts selling Coco and cookies to the passersby. You laugh as a small snowball fight starts amongst some of the younger children. Looking ahead you see the officer direct the next few cars to pass. You drive around the corner and suddenly your children begin to squeal, “I can see it! We’re here! Do you think that this is what the North Pole really looks like?”

It’s possible!

Kevin Meehan, a local business man, and his family, began putting up a small display about 10 years ago for the neighbors and their children to enjoy. It started as a small family project. After the first 2 or 3 years though, he expanded his display and started a full drive through of his family’s farm. Every year he would build it up more and more until people were driving in from all of the surrounding towns to view the display. Well as some of you might know the reigning “King of Christmas”, Mr. Mervin Whipple, of Connecticut resigned from his thrown in December of 2003 due to what he called a “Lack of Christmas Spirit”. Mr. Whipple then sold his entire stock of Christmas decorum to Mr. Meehan. Last year, for the first time, both Mr. Whipple’s Display and Mr. Meehan’s Display were united to form the Millis Wonderland. There are acres upon acres lit from top to bottom, 45+ workshops where all of Santa’s friends, family and elves are preparing for the coming holiday, a real tugboat, and Santa himself sitting 40 feet tall to great each and every one of you.

Yes this is a real place, and I am inviting you to come 
through and take a look for yourself.

Millis Wonderland To Be Gifted